Four dogs have entered a graveyard on Halloween, in search of snacks. However, things quickly get spooky as a cadre of creatures erupt from their graves!

This fast-playing, easy-to-learn game for 2-4 players has you bark, wrestle, and attack your way to a tasty, albeit spooky, Halloween night!

You can pick up a copy from The Game Crafter RIGHT HERE!

Polymer Dog Solid

A tactical game of espionage set in a dystopian future where humanity has ceased to exist, a group of dogs attempt to stop a reptilian plot to achieve an AI convergence that would end life as it was ever known on the planet earth.

Available at Jetpack Comics starting August 14th at the Free Comic Book Day festival, with online sales coming soon after.


A two-player board game designed after the classic German fairy tail of the butler who got trapped in a Bavarian manor with a cat who could summon wraiths.

Out early next year, fingers crossed.

Forkrunner 2086

A four player, quick-paced game of tactical fork-truck action in a resource-starved future that sees humanity turn the battle for precious resources into a form of arena combat.

Print and play copy is free here if you're the type to have extra meeples and bits around, with a boxed version coming out in October.